We work on what you want to improve, and within the circumstances of your unique situation.

Change is easy. It’s the thought of change that is difficult. Changing our habits requires us to look deep into ourselves to find what isn’t working, and to commit to the knowledge that is necessary for cultivating change. My job as a health coach is to support you on your journey.

As your health coach, I will support you in taking ownership of your health and wellness through a series of meetings. Together, we will set clear, achievable goals, and I will offer insight, resources, and emotional support to help you develop a deeper understanding of foods and lifestyle choices that work for you. You’ll make changes that improve energy, contentment, and balance, which results in optimal overall health.
Included in my coaching approach, I highly encourage the practice of meditation and yoga. I’ll teach you how to cultivate a practice by sharing knowledge that will support you in developing this on a daily basis. Leading a life of gratitude and kindness is where you'll grow the most. We owe it to our bodies and our minds to know true happiness!

Contact me today to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation. Before beginning to work together I think it's very important to allow you time to share your health concerns and goals. I will share how I can support you and from there we set up the best plan for you! 

  • Balanced Mind & Body

    Yoga has been a profound part of my wellness journey and I encourage it to all of my clients. I offer 60 & 75 minute sessions in my home, customized based on your needs and level of yoga experience. I will provide you with nutrition support along with a yoga sequence that will give you an overall wellness exploration!

  • Customized for You

    Most often our low energy, sleep loss, fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalance and various other symptoms are a result of nutrition imbalances or deficiencies. Together we create a plan that caters to what's going on with you. I provide you with tools, tips, specific diet and additional resources  to inspire and elevate your wellness.

  • Lifestyle Nourishment

    A one-time 90-minute session to kick off your healthy lifestyle, address one specific issue or to follow up after you’ve completed one of my programs. Sometimes all you need is a reminder and a refocus! 

  • Boost Employee Health

    Corporate Wellness Workshops and

    Corporate Yoga Sessions are available at an hourly rate: 

    $95 for groups up to 15
    $125 for 15 & up

    *travel fees may apply 

My mission is to serve others with inspiration to take better care of their bodies. To treat it as a gift and nourish it as it should be so that it works at its full functioning capacity.