Speaking Engagements & Workshops offer education, tools, and actionable takeaways delivered in an interactive setting. 

If you would like to bring the value of wellness to a group setting, I am experienced in speaking to crowds, small & large! I have delivered speaking engagements ranging from 45 minutes - 2 hours, in a variety of settings from conference rooms to yoga studios. 


Some "Workshops" are more interactive in nature and include small group activities and planning.  I have also delivered more formal "Speaking Engagements" to groups ranging from more intimate 8-person gatherings to larger 100+ person lectures. My clients have included corporations, small businesses, yoga studios, physician practices, hospitals, & schools.


Your team can truly benefit from a discussion on wellness and I ensure that attendees receive not only tips & advice, but also tools & a plan for integrating our discussion into their lifestyle.  The most effective workshops are the ones that not only motivate attendees, but also equip guests with what they need to implement & act!

Topics can be customized to meet your needs. Leading health and wellness topics: 

  • Renew + Recharge

  • Primary & Secondary Wellness

  • Better Habits

  • Easeful Living

  • Improved Nutrition

  • A Guide to Practical Meditation

  • Sleep Improvement

Wellness Workshop Rates: $125/hour based upon content prep and onsite hours. Travel fees can apply.