Speaking Engagements & Workshops offer education, tools, and actionable takeaways delivered in an interactive setting. 

If you would like to bring the value of wellness to a group setting, I am experienced in speaking to crowds, small & large! I have delivered speaking engagements ranging from 45 minutes - 2 hours, in a variety of settings from conference rooms to yoga studios. 


Some "Workshops" are more interactive in nature and include small group activities and planning.  I have also delivered more formal "Speaking Engagements" to groups ranging from more intimate 8-person gatherings to larger 100+ person lectures. My clients have included corporations, small businesses, yoga studios, physician practices, hospitals, & schools.


Your team can truly benefit from a discussion on wellness and I ensure that attendees receive not only tips & advice, but also tools & a plan for integrating our discussion into their lifestyle.  The most effective workshops are the ones that not only motivate attendees, but also equip guests with what they need to implement & act!

Topics can be customized to meet your needs. Leading health and wellness topics: 

  • Renew + Recharge

  • Primary & Secondary Wellness

  • Better Habits

  • Easeful Living

  • Improved Nutrition

  • A Guide to Practical Meditation

  • Sleep Improvement

Wellness Workshop Rates: $125/hour based upon content prep and onsite hours. Travel fees can apply.

My mission is to serve others with inspiration to take better care of their bodies. To treat it as a gift and nourish it as it should be so that it works at its full functioning capacity.