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Meet Kristin


For over a decade, I worked as an entrepreneur inspired by female leaders. It was an honor to share the passion beautifully conveyed when supporting other women. I have always had an interest in healthy habits, and eventually I set out to learn more about nutrition and lifestyle and enrolled in a year-long wellness program. I explored the ways in which lifestyle nourishment are as important as the nourishment on your plate.  It was a wake-up call for my own personal wellness. I focused internally to make gradual changes. I won't deny the hardship but sitting in denial is much harder on your health than embracing difficult change.


One of the most important applications I added to my life the practice of yoga. I became so driven by how it had supported me that I wanted to deepen my practice, and earned my teacher training. One of my biggest moments of realization was learning Yoga as a lifestyle off of the mat. I was inspired to teach yoga as a way to heal, transition and flow through life with more joy.  


I'm honored to share this wellness journey with you! It's never perfected, it's always a practice, and staying present every step of the way is a much sweeter and joyful path. 





My mission is to serve others with inspiration to take better care of their bodies. To treat it as a gift and nourish it as it should be so that it works at its full functioning capacity.